Tanning Services

Airbrush Tanning $50

Custom designed sunless tan solution that produces an express, quick-drying, natural, long-lasting, “just off the beach” tan. The micro-nutrient technology delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skins inherent “just off the beach” glow. It guarantees fast drying, non-sticky, streak-free formula with no “orange” color development. You can expect 5-10 days of beautiful “just off the beach” color. With proper maintenance, color results can extend even longer.


Exfoliating with a salt scrub or other appropriate product is recommended the day before you sunless-tan along with shaving or waxing. Removing loose, dead, dry skin cells that prevent even application of sunless solution will improve and extend your tanning results.

   • Before sunless-tanning, your skin should be clean and dry with no soap or lotion residue to interfere with your tan. Avoid bar soap.
   • Do not apply deodorant or perfumes to skin prior to tanning. It is recommended to remove makeup before the tanning process, but it is not absolutely necessary.
   • Remove any jewelry when being sprayed.
   • It is recommended to bring old dark-colored, loose-fitting clothing to wear home to avoid color transfer on clothing.

After all sunless treatments, wait at least four to five hours before bathing or exercise to allow the DHA bronzer enough time to begin the reaction process.

Sunless-Tan Maintenance

Using a moisturizer can help to extend the length of your sunless tan. There are also moisturizers that are available with a light DHA bronzer to extend the look of a UV tan or sunless tan. The DHA bronzing will help to extend the tan and reduce uneven wear and patchiness. Please contact me with any additional questions or to order pre and post sunless tanning products.